A large number of homeowners are opting for the less expensive but sophisticated looking travertine for their kitchens, bathrooms, floors and walls.

Travertine has been used in many beautiful structures around the world, be it the Coliseum around 2,000 years ago, or the more recent buildings by contemporary architects. It is a type of limestone that is formed under extreme heat and pressure, very porous, and almost looks like marble. In fact, it is sometimes called the onyx marble, and is imported into America from Italy, Mexico, Turkey, and the Middle East.

Travertine is available in many earthy colors, as it is a natural stone. You will find many beautiful shades of walnut, gold, cream, coral red, beige and ivory. These colors are formed due to the mix of iron and other impurities found in the earth. They have natural veining and holes, which make them all the more appealing.

They look gorgeous and add an aesthetically pleasing touch to one's home decor. Therefore, they are favored as flooring tiles, wall coverings, pavings and countertops. Countertops are available in polished, matte, brushed or tumbled finishes. The type of finish determines the shine of the surface.